Here you will find answers to some common and frequently asked questions about our service. For more detailed information on how to use our platform, please refer to our manual which will be accessible to you after you sign-up. If you still have questions please contact us at support@revenee.io.

What is revenee?

revenee is a self-service programmatic native advertising platform that offers to simplify your marketing efforts, boost your performance results, broaden your reach, and increase your monetization or ROI.

Which countries is revenee available in?

revenee is currently available in Italy and will soon extend its network.

What languages does revenee support?

revenee is currently available in English and Italian. Further languages will follow.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Terms and Conditions here. Have you also checked out our privacy policy?

It will give you more information on how we proceed with data collection. You can access it here.


What can revenee do for me as a Publisher?

revenee is a solution to monetize your website or blog. By displaying sponsored content or organic content recommendations, you will increase the value of your website for your visitors and get paid for it. Easy-to-use and quick-to implement, revenee’s widgets will match the design of your website to ensure a natural reading experience. Ready to increase your revenues with native advertising?

How do I get started with revenee?

Our platform is very easy and simple to use. You first need to register and create an account. Then choose and customize your widgets using the interface. You then place the tag for the native ad widgets on your website. The campaigns from revenee advertisers and external DSPs will then be displayed in these widgets. You will receive a share of the revenue generated by these ads on your website or blog.

How do I acquire and increase traffic with revenee?

Make sure you are signed up as a Publisher or an Advertiser. You can then run campaigns that bring traffic to your website or blog.

How can I reset my revenee password?

If you have lost your password, please click on “forgot your password” and enter your email address. If you have gone through all the steps and still cannot log-in, please send an email to support@revenee.io.

What are the specifications for widgets?

You are free to design the placements as you wish. We recommend to limit the number of characters for the title to 25 and 90 for the description though, as this is a common ad format used by many advertisers. You can also insert up to 6 ad slots per widget, the rest will be organic content recommendations.

Can I exclude specific campaign types?

You can exclude specific content on the platform: you can choose to blacklist specific campaigns by blocking undesired paid items according to their top-level URLs.

Why do I need to provide an RSS feed?

You will need to provide an RSS organic content feed in order to be able to display organic content recommendations in your widgets.

How can I add a new widget to my website?

You can add a new widget by logging in to the platform. After selecting “+new widget”, you can configure the type (desktop or mobile), name, language, and campaign types. You can also choose which type of advertisements to blacklist. You will then receive a tag that you need to add to your website or blog for the widget to be displayed.

Where should I put the revenee widget on my web pages to get the best performance?

To get the best performance with your widgets, we advise you to place them below the article. When the visitors get to the end of an article, they will see the widget with the ads and organic recommendations right away.

Reporting and Analytics

How can I track and understand my performance?

You can track your performance in the “Reports” section. You will see key metrics such as widget views, view ratio, fill rate, gross revenue, earnings, widget RPM and other relevant KPIs for all the widgets that you have configured.

Which factors can impact revenue and performance?

Various factors can impact revenue and performance. The widget placement and format play a critical role in your success. You can therefore try various combinations, placements and customize the layout of your widget (colors, font, ad layout, number of ads, etc.). In the Advanced Settings you can also adapt the HTML code, and include tracking codes for paid click, view and organic click tracking in order to analyse your results with your own analytic tools.


How do I get paid?

Payments are done by bank transfers. When creating a new account, please register your bank information. You will then receive your earnings on a monthly basis.

What should I do if I did not receive scheduled payments?

If you have issues with the payment process, you can send us an email to support@revenee.io. We will solve the problem as quickly as possible.


What can revenee do for me as an advertiser?

revenee will help you boost your advertising goals. Your advertising campaigns will be displayed in native ad placements within our diverse publisher network. Our technology optimizes on your set CPM or CPC goals. Ready to achieve your performance marketing goals?

How do I get started with revenee?

You can register on revenee in order to run native advertising campaigns on revenee’s publisher network. After registration, you can set up campaigns, that will be displayed in the widgets of publishers on the revenee network. You will pay either for impressions (CPM) or clicks (CPC).

Is there a minimum budget to get started?

The minimum budget for a campaign is 100 euros. However, we recommend spending at least 50 euros per day in order to have positive relevant results.

Where will my ads appear?

Your ads will be displayed across various websites within the widgets the publisher decided to add. Therefore next to, above or below the content.

Campaign optimization

Which settings can I adjust for my campaigns?

With revenee, you get complete control of your campaigns. In the platform, you have access to various settings such as campaign name, campaign type, unit (CPC/CPM), overall budget, language, start date, end date and desired traffic type (desktop, smartphone, tablet or all). You can also target specific publishers in the network, enable or stop your campaign.

What are the best practices concerning titles and images for my campaigns?

Eye-catching creatives are the key to success for your campaigns to thrive. You want to get your target audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds of visibility. That is why we advise you to use images with the following format: 712 x 400 px. The title should not count more than 25 characters, nor include any logo, capital letters nor the mention “sponsored by”. The description should be composed of up to 90 characters maximum.

How can I scale my campaigns if they are not getting as much clicks as I would like them to?

There are various solutions to scale up your campaigns on revenee. You can either increase your CPC, broaden your targeting and/or change your creatives.

Campaign Setup and Maintenance

How many title and image variations are recommended per URL?

We recommend you test a minimum of 5 to 6 variations when you start a campaign. Keep in mind that the more you have the easier it is to optimize and try different options. You should try A/B testing and frequently optimize your campaigns when you identify what works best.

How can I stop my campaign?

You can stop your campaign whenever you want by changing the status from “Enabled” to “Hold”.

What affects my campaign’s ability to scale?

There are mainly two factors affecting your ability to scale your campaign: the price per click and the creative layout. The first one has an impact on the initial delivery of your campaign, while the second one generates interest for your product or service and therefore encourages users to come visit your website.

By trying out various versions of texts and images, you will discover which design performs the best and will be able to achieve your goals..

How do I select the ideal CPC?

A competitive click price is an important factor that will allow to distribute your campaign successfully. It will strengthen your campaign’s position among revenee’s network and will ensure a good campaign delivery. You are able to set the price per click that suits you and adjust it at any time. We recommend that you start with a high CPC and then decrease according to your daily delivery.

Reporting and analytics

How can I track and understand my performance?

In the Advanced Options, you can provide tracking code, impression tracking, click tracking and retargeting code. You will also get access to records of impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CPM, CPC, CPA and other metrics relevant for your campaigns.


Which payment methods are available?

You can pay using PayPal or wire transfer.

What if I have a billing or invoice question?

If you ever have a billing or invoice question, please send an email to support@revenee.io.